Infinity Bond FoodPACK Direct Food Contact Safe Hot Melt


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FDA Approved Bulk Hot Melt for Direct Food Contact - Perfect for Packaging

Most packaging bulk hot melt adhesives are FDA approved for indirect contact with food. Infinity Bond FoodPACK is one of the only packaging products that is FDA approved for direct food contact. This product is perfect for applications for there is potential for the adhesive to make contact with food before or after the packaging process.

Benefits of Direct Food Contact Bulk Hot Melt

  • FDA Approved for Direct Food Contact
  • Premium Packaging Bulk Hot Melt
  • Excellent Pot Stability
  • Very Low Odor, Clean Melting

Infinity Bond FoodPACK Hot Melt Specifications

  • Viscosity:
    •  900 cps @ 350F
  • Total Solids: 100%
  • Softening Point: 225°F
  • Color: Clear/White
  • Form: Pellets or Chips
  • Speed of Set: Fast
  • Application: Food Packaging
  • Application Temp: 325-350F

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