Infinity Bond InfinityPACK Bulk Packaging Hot Melt


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Low Cost. Premium Quality. The Go-To EVA Packaging Bulk Hot Melt

EVA is the most popular bulk hot melt chemistry for packaging applications. It offers a great hot tack (grabs quickly), sets fast and bonds great to cardboard and coated cardboard stocks. InfinityPack IM-E1000 is a premium EVA bulk hot melt at a price point that sets the standard for competitive products. 

InfinityPack is a low odor and low charring EVA and perfect for standard case and carton sealing applications. 

Pricing is for sample case only. Contact us for bulk pricing and discounted shipping rates.

Common Applications for Infinity Bond InfinityPACK Bulk Hot Melt

  • Case and Carton Sealing
  • Bonding Standard Cardboard Stock
  • Bonding Coated Cardboard Stock

Infinity Bond InfinityPACK Specifications

  • Viscosity: 1300 cps @ 350° F
  • Total Solids: 100%
  • Softening Point: 235°F
  • Color: Tan/Amber
  • Form: Chips
  • Speed of Set: Fast
  • Application: Packaging
  • Application Temp: 350-375 F

Product Samples

Need samples to test this product for your application? We offer free product samples for qualifying applications.

We also have an in-house lab where we can perform adhesive testing for you. If you would like to send samples of your substrates for lab testing, contact us to make arrangements.

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