Infinity Bond EP110 Super High Strength 10 Minute Epoxy - White


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Product Highlights

  • Type: Epoxy
  • Brand: Infinity Bond

Premium Bonds Require Premium Adhesives - Use the Infinity Bond EP110 Epoxy for Maximum Strength

The Infinity Bond EP110 is a premium two part epoxy adhesive that offers maximum bond strength and a fast set time. After being applied, the EP110 gives 10 minutes of time to arrange parts and has a functional cure in around 2 hours. The EP110 is great for bonding metals, ceramics, wood and also works great for gap filling applications.

Each cartridge comes with 2 static mixing nozzles for efficient dispensing. 

Compare the Infinity Bond EP110 Two Part Epoxy To

  • 3M DP110 Epoxy Adhesive

Quick Stats on the Infinity Bond EP110 5-Minute Epoxy Adhesive

  • Color: White
  • Mixing Ratio: 1:1
  • Recommended Static Mixer: Infinity Bond 
  • Viscosity: Paste/Gel
  • Set Time: 10 Minutes
  • Full Cure: Working Cure 2 Hours

Infinity Bond EP110 Bonds To

  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Concrete

Available Sizes

  • 50 ml Cartridge
  • 200 ml Cartridge - Contact Us
  • 400 ml Cartridge
  • 10 Gallon Pail Kit -   Contact Us
3M is a trademark of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Infinity Bond has no affiliation with 3M, we simply sell similar adhesives for less. 

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