Infinity Bond SuperPUR 60 Polyurethane Hot Melt - 10 Ounce Cartridge

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PUR Hot Melt Cartridge with 60 Second Open Time

The Infinity Bond superPUR 60 is a high performance polyurethane (PUR) hot melt adhesive with a 60 second open time. Use Infinity Bond superPUR 60 for a wide range of applications including woodworking, furniture and cabinet assembly, automotive manufacturing, general product assembly and more. 

The Infinity Bond superPUR 60 comes with two disposable nozzles eliminating the need to purge or clean guns after use. Use superPUR 60 with all major 10 ounce PUR cartridge applicators. 


Samples for Testing

We get it, sometimes you need to test drive an adhesive before you try it and we're not stingy with samples as long as the application warrants it.

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