Infinity Bond FreezerPack Freezer Grade Bulk Hot Melt Adhesive


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Product Highlights

  • Type: Bulk Hot Melt
  • Brand: Infinity Bond

Infinity Bond FreezerPack Doesn't Mind the Cold - Use with Refrigerated or Frozen Packaging

The Infinity Bond FreezerPack hot melt is the perfect solution for bonding applications that will be refrigerated or frozen after bonding. This aggressive, fast setting packaging bulk hot melt bonds great many difficult substrates and coated stocks. Often used in high speed lines for food and beverage packaging, Infinity Bond FreezerPack is a staple of cold environment bonding applications.

Infinity Bond FreezerPack Hot Melt Specifications

  • Viscosity 1000 cps (+/- 200) @ 350F
  • Softening Point 160F (+/-2.5)
  • Color Amber
  • Application Temperature 340-360F

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