From packaging to product assembly, Infinity Bond offers the highest quality industrial adhesive products without the mark-ups of the older established brands.

Some of the largest, most recognized brands in the world rely on Infinity Bond adhesives for their manufacturing. From packaged goods, to electronics, to automotive assembly, our products are used everywhere.

Manufacturers trust Infinity Bond because we offer higher quality, more dependable adhesives at industry best prices.

Better glue for less

We’re glue nerds. We’ve been advising manufacturers on adhesives for over 25 years.

Over the years we've seen countless examples of adhesive products failing to meet the demands of industrial applications. Adhesive failures can cost companies huge amounts of money in production downtime or worse, in damage to their reputation.

Infinity Bond is the result of our decades long obsession with making adhesives that are dependable and long-lasting. 

We have two criteria when deciding to develop a new product:

1. It must perform significantly better than existing products
2. It must cost less than existing products

We won't develop a product unless it does both. 

How we develop better glue

Developing better adhesives involves more than improving formulas. It requires extensive testing in the real world.

A huge part of what we do is adhesive testing. Each day in our lab we are testing substrates sent in by companies. These are companies looking to find the right adhesive for their application. We test our own adhesives as well as products from other manufacturers.

Testing in the lab is just the first step. Once we find a suitable adhesive, we work closely with the company to thoroughly test the product in the field – in the real world. There are always unexpected factors in the real world. What works well in a brochure doesn't always work in production.

Our products are the result of constantly asking ourselves how we can improve existing products and then throughly testing to ensure they perform in the real world.

How we save you money

Unlike the older established brands, we don’t have a hefty marketing budget.

Nothing against marketing. Generally though, we prefer to rely on word of mouth, and letting our products do the talking. 

We also don’t use flashy, expensive packaging because it’s...not necessary.

Turns out these things add up to a significant chunk of change. With the big brands, those extra costs are built right into their product prices.

Infinity Bond products cost less than other brands on the market because we don’t ask you to pay for our marketing budget.

Using the right glue for the job

Most of us learned at a young age why it’s important to use the right tool for the job. We’ve all stripped screws with the wrong screwdriver. Then we eventually learned how smoothly things go when you use the right one.

Adhesives are no different. When you use the right adhesive, things just work better.

We think of the Infinity Bond product catalog as a toolbox. Each adhesive is a tool designed for a particular type of application.

The thing is, we’ll never have every possible tool in our toolbox. That’s why we offer custom adhesive engineering.

Custom-engineered adhesives

With custom adhesive engineering, we work with you to develop a custom formulation that is perfectly tailored to your application. You end up with an adhesive that has the perfect strength, speed, and flexibility to hold up for years to come.

In other words, you end up with the right glue for the job.


Helping companies figure out adhesive applications is what we do.

If you have questions about our products or your application, don’t hesitate to contact us.