Infinity Bond SuperTAC 44 Multi-Temperature Hot Melt Glue Stick


Sale price$150.00

Aggressive Hot Melt Glue Sticks for Delicate Substrates

Infinity Bond SuperTAC 44 can be dispensed at a wide range of temperatures making it a great option for substrates that are heat sensitive like foams and fabrics. It is also a great glue stick for projects that require specific viscosities as you can adjust the temperature (on many glue guns) that will allow you to dispense SuperTAC 44 in a thicker or thinner bead. This is helpful for hot melt wicking getting into cracks or crevices. 

Infinity Bond SuperTAC 44 bonds to a wide range of substrates and has a medium open time of 20-40 seconds depending on the temperature at which it is being dispensed. 

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