InfinityPACK Plus E1370 Packaging Hot Melt for Difficult Substrates


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  • Type: Bulk Hot Melt
  • Brand: Infinity Bond

Introducing InfinityPACK Plus E1370 Packaging Hot Melt for Difficult Substrates

InfinityPACK Plus is a high-performance packaging hot melt adhesive that is superior for coated stocks and substrates. Infinity Bond E1370 is very heat stable with clean machining properties. E1370 also offers excellent high and low temperature bond performance. InfinityPACK Plus is excellent for tray forming and case/carton sealing applications.

Online pricing is for a 40 LB sample pack and there are discounts at higher volumes. can also offer free samples and help with line trials for qualifying applications. Contact us with questions about InfinityPACK Plus or any bulk hot melt for your packaging application. 

Common Applications

  • Difficult Substrates
  • Coated Stock
  • Coated Substrates
  • Tray Forming
  • Case or Carton Sealing


  • Application Temperature: 325-360F
  • Viscosity @ 350F: 1200 cps
  • Heat Stability @ 350FExcellent in 96 Hours
  • Set Speed: Fast
  • Softening Point: 230F
  • Product Form: 1/4" Pellets

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