Infinity CleanPack Metallocene Packaging Hot Melt


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  • Type: Bulk Hot Melt
  • Brand: Infinity Bond

Infinity CleanPack Metallocene Bulk Hot Melt Overview

Infinity CleanPack is a true Metallocene bulk hot melt. Metallocene differs from traditional EVA formulations in a number of ways. Metallocene hot melt has little to no odor, is extremely clean burning, has minimal char, and offers exceptional pot stability.  Infinity CleanPack is recommended for applications where hot melt will be sitting in pots for extended periods of time or where char and stringing have been a problem. 

While Metallocene hot melt is a little more expensive compared to low-cost EVA formulations, there can be significant savings on equipment upkeep and replacement parts. Metallocene also allows for less downtime because the equipment does not need to be cleaned or purged as often. 

* This pricing is for 25 lb sample case, contact us for volume pricing. 

FDA Approved for Direct Food Contact

The ingredients, as manufactured, in our Hot Melt Adhesive Inifinity Bond M3000 conform to USDA and FDA regulations for use in food packaging, as stated in the Federal Food and Drug Cosmetic Act, Title 21, Chapter 3 under section 175 and 176. This guarantee is also intended to comply with USDA's "Policy Governing Inspection of Packaging Materials". 


  • Viscosity: 905 cps @ 350° F
  • Total Solids: 100%
  • Softening Point: 220°F
  • Color: Off White
  • Form: Chips
  • Speed of Set: Fast
  • Application: Packaging
  • Application Temp: 325°-350°F

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