Polyurethane PUR Hot Melt

Polyurethane PUR Hot Melt - Stronger than Traditional Hot Melt

If standard hot melt glue sticks just aren't doing the job, it may be time to give Polyurethane PUR hot melt a try. Polyurethane PUR hot melts offer stronger bond strength and hold up better under tough conditions like hot and cold temperatures and bonds exposed to moisture. Try the Infinity PUR line of hot melt adhesives for your next woodworking, product assembly or home repair project. Easy to use with industrial strength.

Our Polyurethane hot melt (PUR) products provide the perfect replacement to the discontinued Titebond HighPURformer line. In fact, the Infinity PUR Series offers the exact same formulation and cartridges allowing users to continue to use their existing PUR glue guns.


Samples for Testing

We get it, sometimes you need to test drive an adhesive before you try it and we're not stingy with samples as long as the application warrants it.

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