Infinity Bond Tough Guy Super High Performance Hot Glue Sticks


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When All Other Hot Glue Sticks Fail - Try Tough Guy from Infinity Bond

We don't like to brag but we may have created the most hard core hot glue stick on the planet. Infinity Bond Tough Guy hot glue sticks don't claim to have the strength of an epoxy or the speed of a super glue, but if you've tried every other glue stick on the market and they didn't work - you haven't tried Tough Guy. 

This hot glue stick is so hard core we don't recommend dispensing it with a glue gun that has any less than 150 watts of power (if you're under that it's probably time to upgrade anyways). Infinity Bond Tough Guy offers a strong, flexible bond that doesn't care about the weather, the temperature or your feelings. Tough Guy will bond with almost anything (with the exception of your mother-in-law) including paper, wood, ceramics, most plastics and metals. 

Bottom line, if you've tried every other glue stick on the market and they haven't worked, it's time to give Tough Guy by Infinity Bond a shot. You won't be sorry.

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