Infinity Bond EP 270 Black Universal Potting Epoxy

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Infinity Bond EP 270 Black Universal Potting Epoxy - 60 Minute Open Time

The Infinity Bond EP 270 Black Epoxy is perfect for potting applications in electronics. Its non-corrosive, low viscosity, and medium-slow cure make it our top-selling epoxy adhesives for putting applications. It is easy to apply and is cost-effective. Try Infinity Bond EP 270 for your next potting application.

Compare the Infinity Bond EP 270 Two-Part Epoxy To

  • 3M DP-270 Black

Quick Stats on the Infinity Bond EP 270 Black Universal Potting Epoxy

  • Color: Black
  • Viscosity: 10,000
  • Shear Strength: 2,500
  • Temp Resistance: -50 to +250F
3M is a trademark of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Infinity Bond has no affiliation with 3M, we simply sell similar adhesives for less. 


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