Infinity Bond SuperTAC 11 High Performance Hot Melt Glue Stick

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The Industrial Hot Melt Glue Stick to Rule them All - Infinity Bond SuperTAC 11

Infinity Bond SuperTAC 11 is an industrial hot melt glue stick cut from a truly different cloth. This unique formulation offers one of the strongest bonds on the market to the widest range of surfaces and substrates.

Often used for product assembly, manufacturing and applications where all other hot melt glue sticks have failed - SuperTAC 11 can do it all. This hot melt bonds to wood, ceramic, plastics, metals and other difficult substrates. It offers a strong, flexible bond with great temperature resistance (hot and cold) allowing it to hold up under even the roughest conditions. 

SuperTAC 11 is also available in a bulk hot melt formulation for use in semi-automated or fully automated dispensing equipment. 

Common Applications for SuperTAC 11

  • Product Assembly
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Repairs
  • Construction


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