Infinity Bond FreezerPACK Freezer Grade Packaging Hot Melt Glue Stick


Sale price$150.00

Product Highlights

  • Type: Hot Glue Sticks
  • Brand: Infinity Bond

Chill Out with the Infinity Pack FreezerPack Freezer Grade Glue Sticks

Infinity Bond FreezerPack is one of the coolest glue sticks out there (get it?) standing up to both refrigerator and freezer packaging applications. Formulated to bond to a wide range of substrates including cardboard, coated stocks and more, Infinity Bond FreezerPack does it all. Strong, fast bonds along with exceptional high and low temperature resistance make FreezerPack a great product for low volume food packaging, end of line pop-up fixes and anything that needs great temperature resistance. 

Infinity Bond FreezerPack is also available in a bulk hot melt adhesive perfect for high speed packaging and automated assembly. 

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