Infinity Bond SuperTAC 99 Construction Grade Hot Melt Glue Stick


Choose Glue Stick Size: 1/2" X 10" (25 LB Case)
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Strong, Flexible Bonds for Construction, Carpet Tacking and More

Infinity Bond SuperTAC 99 is a hot melt created to provide a strong, flexible, lasting bond to substrates often found in the construction industry. This adhesive sticks well to surfaces like wood, concrete, plaster, drywall and more. Because of the flexible bond SuperTAC 99 provides, it holds up incredibly well in applications that will see wide temperature fluctuations, especially very cold environments. 

SuperTAC 99 as a Pre-bonder

SuperTAC 99 offers a fast grab but still gives users 25-35 seconds to make adjustments or bond larger surfaces. Because of this quick bond, SuperTAC 99 is often used in conjunction with slower setting construction adhesives (like silicone or liquid nails) to hold materials in place while the secondary adhesive sets, usually over the course of 24 hours. 

Common Applications

  • Holding down carpet tack strips
  • Bonding substrates exposed to cold
  • Bonding substrates exposed to heat
  • General construction and woodworking needs
  • Pre-bonding in conjunction with other structural adhesives

Available Stick Sizes

  • 1/2" X 10" (Standard)
  • 5/8" X 10"
  • 1" X 3" PG Slugs

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