Easy to Use Gummy Glue Adhesive System

Need a Sample First?

Finally, an Easy-to-Use and Affordable Way to Dispense Gummy Glue Adhesives

Infinity Bond has created and easy-to-use and affordable way to dispense gummy glue adhesives. What is a gummy glue adhesive? Maybe you've heard it called credit card glue, temporary glue, fugitive glue or our favorite - booger glue. This adhesive is always tacky and provides a bond strong enough to stick two substrates together but light enough that they won't be damaged after releasing. 

About the Gummy Glue Adhesive System


  • Cartridges Gun and Charging Base
  • 2 Cartridges of Gummy Glue (50 Grams Each)

Using the Gummy System

Simply allow the cartridge to heat in the easy to use applicator for about 10 minutes. You will see a small light turn from red to green which let's you know you are ready to go. Dispense the gummy glue in dots, lines, happy faces or whatever pattern you desire. Buy additional cartridges as needed. 


Samples for Testing

We get it, sometimes you need to test drive an adhesive before you try it and we're not stingy with samples as long as the application warrants it.

Click below to request samples and be sure to tell us a little about your application.

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