Gummy Glue Adhesive Replacement Cartridges


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Replacement Cartridges for Gummy Glue Adhesive Dispensing

Reload your gummy glue system with these 50 gram fugitive adhesive cartridges. Offering just the right amount of tack and a clear, oil free bond, the Infinity Bond gummy glue cartridges are the perfect temporary adhesive.

One cartridge produces approximately 50 linear feet of adhesive.

Works with the  Infinity PUR Cartridge Gun 

Gummy Glue Cartridge Info

  • Works with Infinity Bond Cartridge Gun
  • 50 Grams per Cartridge
  • Available in 3 Pack or Case of 10

    Using the Gummy System

    Simply allow the cartridge to heat in the easy to use applicator for about 10 minutes. You will see a small light turn from red to green which let's you know you are ready to go. Dispense the gummy glue in dots, lines, happy faces or whatever pattern you desire. Buy additional cartridges as needed. 

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