Infinity Bond EP 120 Extended Work Life Epoxy


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  • Type: Epoxy
  • Brand: Infinity Bond

Infinity Bond EP 120 Extended Work Life Epoxy Overview

Infinity Bond EP 120 is a high viscosity industrial grade epoxy adhesive with extended work life. Once mixed, this two-component epoxy cures at room temperature to form a tough, amber product bond line with excellent resistance to peel ad impact forces. It has impact epoxy additives. When fully cured, this epoxy offers superior thermal shock resistance excellent mechanical and electrical properties, and is resistant to a wide range of solvents and chemicals. Typical application includes bonding pieces in aerospace applications.

Infinity Bond EP 120 bonds dissimilar materials including aluminum, steel, and other metals, and a variety of plastics. It is especially formulated for a 2:1 mix ratio for use in side-by-side cartridges, or to be used by hand mixing, or use with Meter Mix Equipment. A handling cure is normally achieved at room temperature within 4 hours with a full cure at room temperature within 48 hours. To accelerate the final cure, or to quicken the handling simply elevate the temperature.

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