Infinity Bond EP 460NS Off-White Non-Sag Epoxy Adhesive


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  • Type: Epoxy
  • Brand: Infinity Bond

About Infinity Bond EP 460NS

Infinity Bond EP 460NS is a two-part non-sag epoxy that cures at room temperature. It is designed for industrial bonding, small potting, and laminating, where excellent strength, toughness, structural bonding, and mechanical and electrical properties are required.

EP 460NS has great dimensional stability over a range of temperatures and is a durable electrical insulator with resistance to water, weather, ozone and oxygen, various solvents, and more. It is also specially formulated for a 2:1 mix ratio and ideal for use in side-by-side cartridges, hand mixing, or with Meter Mix equipment.

Bonds To

Most materials, including:

  • Fiberglass
  • Ceramics
  • Metals
  • Plastics


Work Time: 50 to 60 minutes (at 75°F/ 24°C)
Fixture Time: 2 to 4 hours (at 75°F/ 24°C)
Full Cure: 24 to 48 hours for full properties
Mix Ratio: 2 Part A to 1 Part B (2:1)

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