Infinity Bond FreezerPACK Plus Freezer Grade Bulk Hot Melt


Sale price$175.00

Product Highlights

  • Type: Bulk Hot Melt
  • Brand: Infinity Bond

Infinity FreezerPACK Plus Overview

FreezerPACK Plus from Infinity Bond is a high-performance packaging hot melt specially formulated for freezer-grade packaging applications. It offers fast hot tack and exceptional temperature resistance.  Use FreezerPACK Plus for frozen food applications like pizza, ice cream, and more! FreezerPACK Plus is a metallocene hot melt giving it exceptional pot stability and eliminating charring that leads to clogged hoses and nozzles.

Applying FreezerPACK Plus Hot Melt

FreezerPACK Plus bulk hot melt can be applied with manual or automated bulk hot melt dispensing equipment. It offers excellent initial tack and a strong bond to cardboard and coated stocks. 

* This pricing is for a 40 LB sample case, contact us for volume pricing. 


  • Application Temperature: 300-350°F
  • Viscosity Range @ 350°F: 900 cps Average
  • Color: Clear/White
  • Softening Point: 228 °F

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