Infinity Bond MMA 590 Very Long Open Time MMA Adhesive


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  • Type: MMA Adhesive
  • Brand: Infinity Bond

Infinity Bond MMA 590 Overview

Infinity Bond MMA 590 is a two-part methacrylate, structural bonding adhesive designed for the structural bonding of various substrates, including fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and various plastics (not low-energy surfaces). Combined at a ratio of 1:1, MMA 590 has a working time of 70 to 100 minutes and achieves nearly 90 percent of its ultimate strength in 180 to 240 minutes at room temperature curing. MMA 590 provides high-strength bonds to the above reference surfaces with generally no preparation effort.

MMA 590 bonds very strongly to steel, stainless steel, and aluminum metals. MMA 590 adhesives are NOT UV STABLE, AND WILL YELLOW OVER TIME, and must not be used to create imperceptible seams in countertops or for seaming countertops. This yellowing will not affect bond performance but will affect bond appearance.

Infinity Bond MMA 590 Specifications

Work Time 70 to 100 minutes (at 75°F/ 24°C)
Fixture Time 180 to 240 minutes (at 75°F/ 24°C)
Can Be Moved In 300 minutes
Operating Temperature 65°F to 85°F (18°C to 30°C)
Gap Filling 1 inches
Mixed Density 8.1 lbs/gal (.96 g/cc)
Flash Point 51°F (11°C) – See SDS for more safety information

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