Infinity Bond S-System 50 mL 10:1 Cartridge Gun


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Product Highlights

  • Type: Cartridge Gun
  • Brand: Infinity Bond

About Infinity Bond S-System 50 mL 10:1 Cartridge Gun

Designed for use with any S-System cartridges, our Infinity Bond S-System Cartridge Gun is available in a 10:1 ratio. Because S-System cartridges use a screw-on static mixer, this specific manual cartridge gun is required to dispense two-part adhesives like MMA 320, MMA 420, MMA 422, and MMA 440 correctly. 

If you purchase one of our 50 mL S-System adhesive cartridges, you will need this S-System cartridge gun to dispense them. 

Additional Information on the S-System Cartridge Gun 

  • Designed for two-component adhesives
  • Works with S-System cartridges
  • Available in a 10:1 ratio
  • Molded handle for comfort
  • Easy cartridge load
  • Mixer and cartridge have a leak-free interface

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