Infinity Spray 990 High Performance Industrial Spray Adhesive


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Infinity Spray 990 Industrial Spray Adhesive Overview

Infinity Spray 990 is a high performance versatile industrial strength contact adhesive. Infinity Spray 990 is water-resistant and temperature resistant to over 200°F. Infinity Spray 990 is designed for bonding a wide range of substrates to include decorative laminates and veneers, fiberglass, glass upholstery, fabrics, foam, auto headliners, cork, and particle board.

Features and Benefits of Infinity Spray 990

  • No ODS (Ozone depleting substances)
  • Great bond performance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Fast tack 
  • Water-Resistant

Specifications of Infinity Spray 990

Appearance: Liquid, clear or red
Specific Gravity: 1.15 + .03
Shear Adhesion: >100psi and >200°F
Spray Pattern: Web Spray
Flammability: Flammable per ASTM E-681-04
Solvent: Methylene Chloride
Shelf Life: 15 months
Freezing: Not damaged by freezing but return to room temp before use.

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