Infinity Bond MMA 500 Difficult Plastic Bonding Methacrylate Adhesive


Choose Quantity: 50 ml - Single Cartridge
Static Mixers: No Static Mixers Required
Cartridge Gun: No Cartridge Gun Required
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Overview of the Infinity Bond MMA 500 Difficult Plastic Bonding Methacrylate Adhesive

The Infinity Bond MMA 500 is a very unique two part adhesive that bonds difficult plastics like Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) better than almost anything on the market. Infinity Bond MMA 500 is a 1:1 two part adhesive that requires a cartridge gun and static mixer for dispensing.

Like most Methacrylate MMA adhesives, little to no surface prep is required before applying the MMA 500. It has a 4-5 minute open time and will create a permanent bond with chemical adhesion even to difficult plastics. 

Compare Infinity Bond MMA 500 to:

  • 3M® DP 805
  • Loctite® AA 3035

Infinity Bond MMA 500 Data Sheets

  • Contact us for data sheets
3M® and Loctite® are registered trade marks and only used for comparison purposes

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